Digital Marketing

As technology advanced, so did the world along with the human population in it. As humans, we have come far. From lighting fire using stones to having a fire in the blink of an eye, from wheels made of clay and soil to driving a fully formed vehicle. With the advancement and development of technology, the way this world works has also changed. And as a part of it, marketing strategies now have reached a peak level, where every marketing activity is done via the internet. This is what is known as Digital Marketing. 

In the past, marketing was a task full of hassle and hurdles. A marketer had to go from one place to another physician in order to promote brands to build up the network. But today, that has changed. Today, the world has entered the phase of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing, or online marketing as some would say, can be defined as the promotion of brands with the view to connect potential customers using the internet or any other forms of digital communication. This communication is not limited to email and social media platforms but extends to web-based advertising, text and multimedia messages.

Digital Marketing has changed the way how general people view businesses. As more and more people are turning to online scenarios, digital marketing is entering into the everyday lives of people. This marketing does not only include promoting brands online, but it also includes –


  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic.
  • SEM: Search Engine Marketing is the form of internet marketing where a brands name becomes more visible to the general public
  • Social Media Marketing: Promoting brands through the massive platform of social media, for instance, Facebook or Instagram
  • Content Marketing: Promotion of brands through personal blogs, articles, or video contents 

These are only a few tools included in the massive prospects of Digital Marketing. These, in turn, create an employment opportunity, especially for the youths. 

In the huge field of Digital Marketing, one of the key factors is Brand Awareness. This is the extent to which customers and the general public are familiar with a brand and its services. Developing and enhancing brand awareness is a key factor in digital marketing because of its impact on perception and customer decision-making. Recent studies show that now more than ever digital marketers and agencies are focusing more on brand awareness to cultivate a better customer relationship. Brand Awareness has become the top priority for a number of reasons, such as –


  • The massive growth of online shopping 
  • The role of digital interactions in customer behavior
  • The growing influence of brand awareness on the customer decision-making
  • The use, convenience, and influence of social media platforms

With a view to managing all these, a group of people known as Digital Marketers has emerged.




Digital marketers are the gateway for any company to promote themselves out there to the public. These marketers use a variety of strategies to reach the general public in a way that attracts the target consumers to consume a particular product. Digital marketers use methods that include the aforesaid Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Influencer marketing, and so on. The effective use of these makes a digital marketer or a digital marketing agency the best Digital Marketing Agency. The more an agency can provide its customers with their desired requirements, the better prospect they have in succeeding. In order to be the best Digital Marketing Agency, a marketer or the agency itself needs to reach customers online through omnichannel marketing or multichannel marketing, which includes Affiliate Marketing, Display Marketing, Social Networking services, video advertising, and so on. Only the effective use of these along with clear and proper communication will make a Digital Marketing Agency the best one.

Another important part of the digital marketing world is a Digital Marketing Consultant. A consultant may or may not be affiliated directly to a digital marketing agency, but can provide sufficient information about the marketing as a whole. A digital marketing consultant is an expert on digital marketing who can point out the flaws in the process of marketing and provide necessary solutions to solve the issue. They can identify the weaknesses in a current strategy, area of improvement and convert that weakness into strength. 


In today’s world where everything is based on technology, digital marketing can help reach a new business from the bottom to the peak of development. Along with the rest of the world, Digital Marketing is also flourishing in Bangladesh. A number of Digital Marketing Agencies have already been developed in our country and the number is constantly on the rise. We can now only hope for a better future for digital marketing and the Digital Marketing Agencies around the world and in our very own country as well.